We have a simple pricing strategy.

Match the price; beat the quality, stability, features and support!

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Get access to all the tools and features Lincoin Pool has to offer and level up your Bitcoin mining game. 

  • Medium to large-scale miners benefits from our ecosystem of tools and features at a preferred rate. Let’s talk, go over a demo, and design the best set of solutions to take your mining business to the next level.  
  • We have discounts and offers available to miners of any scale. Reach out and let’s put together what works best for you.
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Per Device Per Month


The price includes supports for all devices, PDUs, PLCs and advanced team management features.

We never double dip and charge twice for a single device managed through Lincoin. . 

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Contact Us!

Get access to our strategy, coincidental peak and orchestration platform for ERCOT, NYISO, PJM, AESO, CAISO, MISO, SPP, IESO and NEISO and integrate with your QSE of choice. 

We currently support integration with Voltus, CPower, NuEnergen, Priority Power and Hunt Energy Network.

This product is available in two different tiers and we offer energy management services. 

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Get access to 0% pool fees if you use CRYPTOMINE.CC firmware along with Lincoin Pool.