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Operations Intelligence Solution For the Bitcoin Mining Industry.​

All the way from sourcing the energy to monetizing the hashing power.

Pool | ASIC Management | Firmware

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Earn auditable and predictable rewards on Lincoin FPPS Bitcoin mining pool.

  • Auditable FPPS Rewarding
  • Real-time pool-level monitoring and alerts
  • Automated daily and quick withdrawal options
  • Time-triggered withdrawal
  • Revenue split to multiple addresses
  • PayNym (BIP47) Payouts
  • Assistant bot: Boty McBotface 

The most efficient, user-friendly, and flexible Bitcoin mining management platform ever built.

Known as Lincoin Mega Farm, this tool is a pool-agnostic solution built for large-scale mining operations and energy companies to manage their distributed sites, teams, ASICs, and earnings through one dashboard.  

  • 3-level site maps
  • Sub-accounts and self-serve dashboards
  • Role-based team management
  • Scheduling and curtailment
  • underClock, OverClock, stop, and start ASICs
  • PDU SNMPV2 support
  • ASIC Tunneling
  • Assistant bot: Boty McBotface 

Automate operations, optimize hashrate, and trade energy with Rails.

Rails is a cutting-edge software solution that enables bitcoin miners to run sophisticated algorithms through an easy-to-use user interface. Rails integrates real-time data from over 20,000 grid nodes in 9 deregulated electricity markets in US and Canada. Miners and energy producers can automate tasks for large-scale operations, maintain the health of devices, adjust the energy use by algorithmically under and over-clocking ASICs, and protect their profit margins based on real-time bitcoin price and network stats. Rails is compatible with Bitmain and MictoBT ASICs.

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Brought to you in partnership with CryptoMine.cc, our Firmware helps you more flexibly and efficiently manage your ASICs. Compatible with Bitmain X19, X17, X9 family. 

  • UnderClock and OverClock ASICs
  • Monitor energy use in real-time
  • Fully compatible with Lincoin’s pool and ASIC management solution. 

Set free the analyst within you!

Lincoin Lens is a Bitcoin network data analytics solution.

  • Select datasets, plot charts, analyze and export what matters most to you.
  • Access historical performance data for ASICs and find out the breakeven electricity prices.
  • Study the correlation between network metrics and Bitcoin price. 

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The only software stack you need to start, maintain and expand your mining operation.

Industries Served


Oil & Gas industry is one of the main sectors that has adopted Bitcoin mining as a solution to monetize excess resources while decreasing their environmental footprint. Lincoin tools and services empower oil & gas companies to start, maintain, expand, optimize, and audit their Bitcoin mining operations through an all-in-one dashboard made for teams of different disciplines.

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Power production and energy markets have significantly evolved in the past few years. Power producers use Bitcoin mining to balance supply and demand while maximizing their profit margins and minizine their ROI. 

Lincoin tools and services enable power producers of any scale to monitor, manage and monetize their energy production efficiently regardless of their energy source and market type. 

Small to medium-scale miners rely on hosting providers to get access to affordable energy prices. Using Lincoin solutions the hosting providers optimize their operation and maintain customer satisfaction.

Using Lincoin hosts can offer their clients a self-service dashboard, exchange support tickets, measure energy use, issue invoices, and manage their account receivables. 

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Teams of mining operations rely on multiple dashboards and tools to manage their team and maintain uptime. 

Using Lincoin all of your team members can get access to a single source of truth while efficiently managing uptime, and finances and tracking your digital and physical assets. 

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