Bitcoin : Energy : Finance

Intelligence for Bitcoin mining operations; All the way from sourcing the energy to monetizing the compute power. 

We are building a bridge between Bitcoin, energy markets and the financial world while bringing the next level of efficiency, profitability and transparency to the Bitcoin mining industry.

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 Bitcoin mining is an energy game that will change how energy is priced; sooner than you would imagine.

  Lincoin is the necessary piece to make sure you win this game. 

Natural Gas


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Estimated based on 30.5 J/TH efficiency. 

 Mining Pool

Bitcoin mining to the next level.

Lincoin has evolved to become the leading Bitcoin mining technology company building the next generation of tools and setting new standards for transparency, monitoring and auditability. 

Auditable FPPS Rewarding 

Know the WHY, HOW and WHATs about your mining revenue. 

Team Management Tools 

Manage your team, assign roles and restrict access with a click. 

AI Enabled Assistant Bot

McBotface will help you maximize your uptime and revenue. 

Advanced Revenue Management

Set withdraw threshold, split revenue and daily/weekly/monthly time triggers. 

Best in Class Realtime Monitoring

Real time monitoring and alerts, for every single device through email, app and AI assistant.

Dynamic Watcher Link and API

Set access level for API keys and watcher links  and revoke access with a click.