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Operations and Energy Intelligence Solutions For the Bitcoin Mining Industry.​

All the way from sourcing the energy to monetizing the compute power.

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Mix & Match the right stack for your operation.

Lincoin is the only software stack you need to start, maintain and expand your operation at the intersection of compute and energy.



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Develop, Monitor and Orchestrate Sophisticated Energy Strategies

Lincoin connects your operations to 9  North American deregulated electricity markets such as ERCOT, NYISO and PJM and makes advanced energy procurement strategies a possibility.

 Lincoin seamlessly integrates with your grid service providers (REPs, CSPs and QSEs) and makes demand response participation effortless. Through our advanced data mining solutions; infrastructure operators get to design and validate energy procurement strategies and avoid preventable penalties such as coincidental peaks (CP). 

Make informed decisions and capture hundreds of thousands of dollars per MW per year from the grid.

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Manage ASICs, PDUs, PLCs, People, Profit Margins and Issues in One Dashboard.

Lincoin operations and ASIC management platform is a pool-agnostic enterprise grade software, compatible with all major Bitcoin mining ASICs.

Filter and track devices based on key performance metrics and send commands in batches to optimize uptime and hashrate, manage temperature or adjust energy use of mining devices. 

Through our proprietary no-code  programming language, called Rails, teams get to automate tasks and optimize their workforce to spend time on what matters most. 

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Auditable, transparent and globally stable FPPS mining pool

Lincoin is an FPPS mining pool that offers an unmatchable level of simplicity and security. We help you maximize the value of your hashrate with 30 min settlements and advanced revenue management solutions. 

  • Competitive rates
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Automated daily/weekly/monthly withdrawals
  • Revenue splits
  • Accounts payable automation

Industries Served


Power production and energy markets have significantly evolved in the past few years. Power producers use Bitcoin mining to balance supply and demand while maximizing their profit margins and minizine their ROI. 

Lincoin tools and services enable power producers of any scale to monitor, manage and monetize their energy production efficiently regardless of their energy source and market type. 

Teams of mining operations rely on multiple dashboards and tools to manage their team and maintain uptime. 

Using Lincoin all of your team members can get access to a single source of truth while efficiently managing uptime, and finances and tracking your digital and physical assets. 

Oil & Gas industry is one of the main sectors that has adopted Bitcoin mining as a solution to monetize excess resources while decreasing their environmental footprint. Lincoin tools and services empower oil & gas companies to start, maintain, expand, optimize, and audit their Bitcoin mining operations through an all-in-one dashboard made for teams of different disciplines.

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Small to medium-scale miners rely on hosting providers to get access to affordable energy prices. Using Lincoin solutions the hosting providers optimize their operation and maintain customer satisfaction.

Using Lincoin hosts can offer their clients a self-service dashboard, exchange support tickets, measure energy use, issue invoices, and manage their account receivables. 

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