Bitcoin mining is evolving;

so should the pools.


It was the Summer of 2020 and the big miners’ migration was about to happen. The North American Bitcoin mining industry was taking shape but there was no reliable and up-to-date pool addressing the special needs of North American miners. We decided to change that by building the most advanced, reliable, and flexible Bitcoin mining platform ever built; and Lincoin was born!

Lincoin is the combination of two words Link + Bitcoin.


We worked hard during 2021, starting with a single T9 miner, we built Lincoin’s infrastructure and then launched our beta version in March 2021, obviously with an endless number of errors and bugs which were fixed later on. We are grateful to our early users who trusted us with their hashrate, which gave us the chance to build the future of Bitcoin mining. 

Lincoin mining pool was publicly launched in September 2021 and soon became the preferred mining pool for miners who were seeking a better way to mine Bitcoin. 

In less than 4 months, Lincoin changed the way miners defined monitoring and transparency by releasing over 22 updates and onboarding hundreds of miners to our platform.  


 We managed to build new partnerships in the industry and speak to as many people as we could, telling them about our mission and how we are changing the industry for the better. 

We have managed to build the best-in-class team management tools as well as unique revenue management solutions for miners across the world. 

In June 2022 we became the first platform across all industries to offer BIP47 (PayNym) payouts to our community. In Fall 2022, at the very bottom of the bear market, we didn’t stop building.  We focused on ASIC management functionalities and features, integrating Lincoin Agent into the platform which later evolved to become Mega Farm.


2023 is the year of energy management for us. As Bitcoin mining is merging into the energy industry, our platform is also evolving going above and beyond being a pool. Lincoin has become an operations intelligence solution, all the way from sourcing energy to monetizing the hashing power. 

Medi Lincoin 768x927 1
Medi Naseri, Ph.D. | CEO/Co-Founder

Medi Naseri, a miner since 2014, holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and is a Beedie School of Business Alumni. Having several issued patents and world-class publications, he jumped into the Bitcoin mining industry by founding Lincoin; with the goal to generate added value in the space with his background in engineering, finance, and business. 

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Mostafa Shariat | CTO/Co-Founder

Mostafa Shariat, with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, is the mind behind the architecture of Lincoin, building the algorithms, routing the data, and securing the platform. He is called the doctor of all servers by our team.