Official Statement : Update on our policies and vision

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Official Statement:  Our Policies, Procedures and Vision

At Lincoin, we remain steadfast in our commitment to responsibly serve the miners who place their trust in us and align with our vision. This official statement aims to assist in the current environment of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem.

We began our journey from ground zero in 2021, armed with limited resources. Soon, we discovered a supportive community that believed in our vision and aided us in evolving into the entity we are today. Our inaugural project, a hashrate marketplace named Lincoin Pool, aimed to establish a zero-trust solution. Our mission was to empower miners with the ability to audit their earnings with a margin of error as close to 0.0% as possible, utilizing publicly available data. However, this is not the entirety of our commitment; we wish to underscore our pledges to our users:

Management of Funds

We are the exclusive custodian of our users’ assets, and we autonomously assure the hash price and payments. To substantiate our commitment, we settle users’ payments every 30 minutes, making them available for withdrawal as soon as they are processed into users’ accounts. Additionally, we provide the industry’s lowest withdrawal threshold, ensuring our solution is as inclusive as possible. Simultaneously, we programmatically monitor and uphold assets in excess of our liability to users at all times.

We avoid jeopardizing users’ hashrate, so we refrain from independently mining blocks or experimenting with our limited hashrate until a specific threshold is reached. While we have the choice of purchasing block labels or providing PPLNS as a payment method, we consider these options less transparent and inconsistent with our commitment to our miners.

Commitment to Bitcoin

The integrity of the Bitcoin ecosystem is our paramount concern. We allocate hashrate where we consider it healthy, and our definition of healthy is outlined below:

  • We do not endorse Out-Of-Band (OOB) transactions. Our commitment lies in fostering competition and transparency, advocating for transactions to be added to blocks based on their priority and fee.
  • We maintain a neutral stance on ordinals, provided they enter blocks through the Mempool in a competitive manner.
  • Censorship resistance has consistently been a fundamental aspect of Bitcoin. We contribute to this principle while ensuring compliance with both local and international laws and regulations. We believe a decentralized block creation process where pools are not held accountable for blocks is imperative for preserving and strengthening censorship resistance.
  • Maximizing profit for miners is pivotal. Mining is a business, and for the Bitcoin network to thrive, miners must be transparently incentivized and compensated. This optimization is crucial for the sustained vitality of the network.

Our Vision for The Future

We envision Bitcoin mining not only as a means to fortify the world’s most robust financial network but also as a transformative force that bestows benefits upon humanity across various realms. Our ecosystem of tools and solutions, which includes our FPPS mining pool, ASIC Management and Automation solution, and Energy Trading platform, collaborates seamlessly to actualize this vision. Each facet of this ecosystem is meticulously crafted to serve our vision, emphasizing flexible loads, environmental benefits, and supporting communities worldwide.