We are building the world’s most reliable proof of work platform on top of the world’s most reliable financial network. 

Lincoin is built better;

see how and why.

1. Real-time monitoring and alerts for every single device

See in real-time how your miners are performing and receive alerts on the mobile app, email or through our AI-enabled assistant bot. We send out alerts in less than 5 mins in the event of connection/disconnection or hashrate drop.  

2.  Manage your team in matter of seconds and at cost of a couple clicks. 

We have built the most advanced team management tools in the industry to serve miners of any size. Simple define roles in your team, set access levels and suspend access easy, fast and secure. 

3. Own your rewards like never before. 

Lincoin has gone the extra mile to make sure you go two.  We have developed the most advanced revenue management tool in the industry to address the requirements of different revenue models. 

Simply split earning into as many wallets as you wish, set withdrawal thresholds and set time triggers for those to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

You can also instantly withdraw your balance on the pool at any moment. 

Instant Withdrawal

Time   Triggers

Revenue   Split

4. Artificial Intelligence meets Bitcoin mining. 

Boty Mcbotface is the name of our AI-enabled assistant robot who will assist you and your team to maximize your uptime, revenue and fun.

Boty was named by our community of miners and is very at telling jokes. He is learning new skills everyday to change the Bitcoin mining industry for better. 

5. Auditable FPPS rewarding redefined for enhanced transparency.

Transparency and authenticity is our unfair advantage.  We have reinvented FPPS rewarding to make sure our miners can validate their revenue without requiring to trust us. Bitcoin network public data is all you need to verify your rewards while you mine on Lincoin.