How Bitcoin miners and colocation providers can benefit from the flexibility of Lincoin

Since the launch of our product in 2021, we have committed ourselves to never compromise on the UX for adding new features. This has made Lincoin the most flexible Bitcoin mining pool platform in the market while offering the most features; saving miners time, sats and mental health. 😀

In this article we will cover how colocation providers can collaborate with their clients on Lincoin Pool platform to maximize their uptime, optimize the time and resources while maintaining the quality of service and customer’s satisfaction.



Depending on how you wish to design your collaboration model with your clients; subaccounts can be helpful. There are two different ways you can use subaccount.

  1. If as the colocation provider or mining manager you manage the entire operations including financials you can create subaccounts on your master account and share access to those with your clients.
  2. If the client is the one that wishes to maintain the account, they can create the subaccount and share access to that with their colocation provider.

Depending on which path you want to take, there are specific tools and features explained here that you will find very useful.

Team Tools:

We have implemented the most advanced team management tool to help miners share and manage access to their sensitive data; to make the management process more efficient and worry free. Using the team tools you can share access to different subaccounts of yours with outsiders. This includes manager, technician and accountant access.  

  • The manager will have access to all and every feature of the subaccount except for changing the withdrawal address.
  • The accountant will have access to all the financial data such as daily revenue and withdrawals
  • The technician will only have access to device management tools.

Everyone on your team can use the Lincoin website or the iOS/Android apps to access their account and see all the data in real-time. Removing a team member is as easy as adding one and it is always one click away.  

Watcher Links:

As the owner of the account, you can create watcher links for specific use cases and then delete them when the access is not necessary anymore. Similar to Team Tools feature, you can set full access, technician access or accountant access. Making that as sweet as a piece of cake.

Real-time monitoring and alerts:

The main focus of a profitable Bitcoin mining operation is uptime. Maintaining uptime requires the entire team working together to keep the ASICs hashing. Lincoin offers the most dynamic monitoring tools in the market. You and all your team members can receive alerts through the mobile apps, Telegram bot and/or email in less than 5 minutes after anything goes wrong. The types of alerts include connect, disconnect, hashrate drop,  fan status, temperature and hardware defect alerts.     


Advanced revenue management:  

In the relationship between miners and colocation providers there usually exists some sort of revenue sharing or simply a monthly bill payment. Lincoin enables miners and colocations manage their finances on auto-pilot.

Revenue Split: We enable team split payout with maximum accuracy to as many wallets as they wish free of charge.

Quick Withdrawal : Lincoin miners are also able to request an instant withdrawal request at any moment in the day with a desired value. This can be used to pay the colocations or suppliers right out of your pool dashboard. The quick withdrawals are usually processed in 30 mins.

Auditable Rewarding: Not only we make it simple for miners to audit their revenue and measure their uptime, also we offer the most advanced revenue management system that enables miners split income into several different addresses free of charge.

Time-triggered withdrawals is another game-changing feature that lets miners choose on which day of the week or which day of the month they wish to receive a payout from the pool.

BIP47 / Paynym : One of our very unique and well-received features is BIP47 or Paynym implementation that enables miners receive their payouts into a new address of their wallet whenever we want to pay them. This is all done on autopilot and in the most private way possible. Read more here.

API Integrations:

Everyone on our team are software developers and engineers. We love make every system, modular and expandable. Our API enables developers and companies fetch data from their mining farm or their Lincoin pool account and build on top of that. Is there an API endpoint that you need and we don’t have it? We can build that in no time!

If you are a miner or a colocation provider, we would like to speak to you. Ask us for our special offers  and best-in-class partnership plans. Please reach out:  Contact Us